Red Dead Online: What else could be added?

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  1. OG JON D says:

    FISHERMAN ROLE – Level up your fisherman role to unlock higher grades of fish, have a small chance to catch legendary fish, implement a boat that you can unlock as a fisherman to take out on lakes and rivers to fish and larger boats that you can unlock to contain a larger amount of fish as you progress, create fisherman related outfits, ability to unlock higher grades of fishing poles, etc

  2. Joex says:

    This is one of the BEST Game that I’ve played since a lot time ago. But in Online sometimes you feel so lonely. You can’t make more than kill other server players. If we could TRADE, sell things to other players, thief in campment Cage when the seller is out, make duels, costume your wagon (wheels,Wood,etc ..) I have the impresion that we still in Beta and leaving the roles, the only new things since the start it’s the stetic, clothes,etc… The point it’s that the graphics and the details make a good Game inmersion but all the misions and “posibilities” are so divided, we need more interaction between players to save the online. Hope to be usefull, and thanks for your work 👍🏻

  3. Me and my team mates thought 2nd Rd would be more cowboy and Indian sides and that kinda thing more different Indians were there 1st great games rockstar thanks leedsunitedloz66