Red Dead Redemption 2: Two Years Later Review

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  1. bruhguy says:


  2. Mark says:

    This is a stunning game but it should have been better.

    I am currently on my 10th playthrough and I love the game all but for one thing.

    The game is way too linear. Its not a true open world game as rockstar (again) try and dictate how you play. They don’t want a rampant AM who kills everyone on sight in the wilds. Play like that and the game eventually spawns npc after npc until they kill you.

    The missions lack the freedom to choose. There’s less freedom in this game than gta 5. You have to follow a pre defined path or you fail the mission.

    Take a look at Odyssey and the freedom that allows. That’s a true open world game.

    Rdr2 is stunning but Rockstar obsession with control tarnishes it’s crown somewhat

  3. John M Phipps says:

    The first time I played and I hit “That’s the way it is” and “Unshaken” I was in absolute awe of how they were woven into the game and how they made me feel. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. By the end of Arthur’s story, I was amazed by the art that I had just played through. I had to put the game down for a few days before continuing into the prologue. I’m on my 9th play-through, with other games in between, and I’m still discovering new ways to play it and the main story points are still hitting me.

  4. norbiq says:

    I’m in full agreement with the author.

  5. Ralfybaby says:

    100% agreed. I picked it up late in December. A terrific game. It is like being in a Sergio Leone western.
    I play on line more often as I find the story a bit morose and I dont need morose in my life right now.

  6. Catherine says:

    I haven’t had the option to play RDR2, just watched play throughs on YouTube. I’ve never seen a game more visually realistic nor gorgeous, nor a character more affecting than Arthur Morgan. This is an astonishing achievement. When the outcome for the lead character leaves you stunned, this is a masterpiece of writing, acting and direction. Bravo.

  7. David Edwards says:

    Yes… We’d all have been willing to pay a third of its original price (am I missing something?)