GTA Online event week: The Vysser Neo Sports car is now available

This week in Grand Theft Auto: Online, enjoy a new car, the Vysser Neo, new T-shirts, new discounts and much more. Also, there is a new vehicle to win at the casino. Vysser Neo – Now available The Vysser Neo…

GTA Online’s Casino Update Brings Biggest Player Count Since 2013

Grand Theft Auto Online’s casino update which brought the Diamond Casino & Resort to the game reportedly created record-breaking player figures for Grand Theft Auto Online, and brought in “the most online players in a single day, and week, since the…

Red Dead Online event week: Bonus RDO$$ & RP

The Elimination Series Playlist is rewarding those with the fortitude to go head-to-head with their enemies in single elimination modes like Make It Count and Gun Rush. Players competing in any and all Elimination Series events will receive a 50% Cash and XP…

Polygon Might Have Just Leaked Bully 2 [Updated]

UPDATE: Polygon have apologized saying “Our original joke URL for this post has been changed. Sorry if that got your hopes up.” Assholes. ORIGINAL: Video game news site Polygon may have just leaked Bully 2. Either that, or this is the…

GTA Online Casino update – List of countries which have banned the Casino features

A lot of you have been tweeting at us and reporting that you cant use the features in the Casino, whether it’s spinning the lucky wheel or trying to play a game of Roulette. You’ll get a message saying ‘This…

GTA Online Casino Update – All 54 playing Card locations & High roller outfit

Are you trying to locate all of the 54 Playing cards? which if you find them all, you’ll unlock the High roller outfit. We have created a video which shows you where each playing card is. Watch it below. Credit…

GTA Online Casino Update: Penthouse prices

Check out the prices for the Penthouse. With the maximum one costing $6,533,500 Design your own – Starting at $1,500,00 Crash Pad – Starting at $1,500,000 Party Penthouse – $3,776,500 High Roller Penthouse – $6,533,500    

GTA Online Casino Update – Vehicle Prices

Check out the vehicle prices for the Casino update. 6 vehicles have bee released and we’re guessing the rest are going to be dripfed. Legendary Motorsport Southern San Andreas

The GTA Online Casino update is now live

The Casino update is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. You will need 3.2GB on Xbox One and 3.427GB on the PlayStation 4. Steam users will be required to have 3GB

GTA Online Casino Update – in game prop images revealed

Once again, as always, out good friend FoxySnaps has revealed the prop images from the GTA Online Files, check them out below. All credit goes to FoxySnaps