So, we’ve talked about what we thought – but what did you think of Red Dead Redemption 2’s ending and epilogue? Here is what you said.

Spoilers below.

“I like[d the epilogue] but i would love to continue playing as Arthur Morgan and not have to start over the game lol”

“[The epilogue] seemed like fan service”

“I loved it so much! While I miss Arthur so bad, I missed playing as John. And to be able to see his growth after the gang and see him and his family was beautiful.”

“Well, it served its purpose as an epilogue. The whole game being a prequel to RDR, it set the first game up perfectly.”

“I knew Arthur was going to die, but his horse? Damnit that part chocked me up the most. I loved getting to know the camp group. Tilly and Sean, Kieran. They were all great NPCs. I love Charles. I hope we get a dlc built around him. Well done story telling, beautiful game. 10/10”

“Loved getting to see the set up to the first game. Getting to play as John again and heading down to New Austin is so fun”

The epilogue “felt like a 10 hour drag for the big pay off I was waiting for at the end of chapter 6”

“Most of it is boring. I also hate that we can’t be arthur again, I had 1 mil with and now well, I have 20K with john.” (I seriously doubt you had $1,000,000 but okay)

“Seemed like a pretty good setup to RDR1, this is a prequel…”

We’ll update this post with more thoughts soon!