Over the past year and half, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games have really been cracking down on people who create and sell mods for GTA Online, especially mod menus. This all started in June 2017 when Open IV was taken down by Take Two Interactive.

Back in August 2018, Take-Two Interactive filed a lawsuit against Jhonny Perez, from Florida. Take-Two have claimed that he has breached their intellectual and legal rights by creating and selling mods for GTA Online that are used to grief and ruin the experience for other online players. The modding software, known as ‘Elusive’, sold for between $10 and $30.

Take-Two has said that he has a clear motive to make profit and to “free ride” on T2 property without permission. It is unclear how much money Jhonny has made selling the modding software, but it is estimated that the harm for Take Two is around half a million US dollars. Take-Two tried to come to a settlement with Jhonny, requesting information from him. However, he has since decided to cease his co-operation with the company.

Hoping to use this as a deterrent to other mod developers who might venture into online, Take-Two proposed a default judgement to a New York Federal court earlier this week. In the proposal, they are asking to be awarded $150,000, the maximum penalty for statutory damages, an additional $69,686 in legal fees, and an injunction to stop the user from making software mods for their titles.


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