Take-Two Wants $150,000 In Damages from GTA Online Mod Creator

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  1. You guys should make the game more fair then if you dont want hackers/modders to help the people out that can’t afford all of the things in GTA 5 online thats totally unfair I’ve been a GTA fan since the very first one came out I’ve had every single last one and will continue to buy them too. Fact is you guys should make it more affordable some people are using their hard earned real life money just to be able to get all or some of the things you need to succeed in GTA 5 online . Why would you be mad because you chose yo make the prices so high the missions don’t even pay enough to afford all of the things you guys put into the game itself . Can’t you guys be fair ?? If not seriously why be mad because you are losing money when it’s seriously your own fault . How would you feel if it was actually the opposite way around and you were the gamer trying to play your favorite game but cant afford everything due to the developers making stuff so high . You can literally play the game all day long and still not be able to afford what you need to stay in the game and have fun . I’m not saying anything actually bad I’m actually being honest you guys should do a survey and see how many of your true fans feel this exact same way trust me there is a lot out there

    1. I agree I thrown the game in the trash for this exact reason

    2. Izy says:

      I agree with you on the prices of things…but still agree with take two on taking out modders. Theyre are many modders out there that instead of using their new bound access to help themselves economically in gta, they use it to grief. So unfortunately, there is a lot of youtube videos to back this. So unfortunately as a gta and red dead fan and online fan, i agree with take 2 on this.

    3. Jack marston says:

      Psh thank you gosh

    4. He She says:

      Would you rather have real life prices and real life opportunities of making the money, cause then you won’t be able to afford shit, how about you play with friends and stop complaining.

    5. Kam1kaze says:

      With you saying that, it also makes it even more difficult for players who are playing it in a legitimate way. With making profit in issuing out mod cheats to take advantage of players who wishes not to cheat when trying to gain in game currency legitimately to be able to get hold of an item they were working to achieve in getting. Which brings on the subject of grieving. People cheat for a purpose in order to get things more quicker, as soon as they have everything and that they can’t get anything else that the game has to offer, it’s when you got problems with them cheaters grieving those playing legitimately from gaining in their own goals from getting hold of items they’re working on to achieve. It’s not the matter of items being too pricey. If players are cheating to get what they want. To then go on to grieve other players because they now have everything they want, That’s not fair gaming..

    6. Carl says:

      I Agree I too am I a long time GTA fan and player prices are way too high

    7. Popa2caps says:

      All cheaters should be banned. All script creators should be fined. If the numbers from Rockstar are correct, it’s scary that this person has sold somewhere between 10k to 20k of the mod.

      You can’t justify cheating ever. You can say no to content creators to change their policy, but the moment you start acting like cheating is the answer, you’re nothing more than a cheater.

      They worked hours, they spend the time creating all the work. The people didn’t put up their money before the game was released. The end user made no investment.

      PC gaming has turned into nothing but a massive box of cheaters, so much so that most YouTube channels (who think they make content) use them to stay in the game.

    8. DW says:

      Can’t afford the DLC, goes and BUYS a mod.

  2. Vash says:

    Take 2 desperately needs their heels locked. I hope Jhonny does it by winning.

    1. Matin0326 says:

      Well just by him modding the game he already lost, in the terms and conditions of the game not only did he lose but so did Al those people that have used his mods to cheat. So now that he has been taken to court, he will pay that fine however I’m sure he made more off his cheat mods then what he’s paying

    2. ThisDude says:

      You can’t be serious? He’s selling CHEATING software for an online game. And ya know, SELLING it. It’s not like Take-Two is suing regular modders you big turnip

  3. damon Ard says:

    rockatsr and t2 need to get there s*** together before people stop Play ng there game because all tyey care about us money. Honestly me and all my friends have stopped playing hecause it us pay to win and if they make it like that in gta 6 nobody is gonna wanna play it. They ruined the gta experience not modders/hackers.

  4. Cunttz says:

    Take 2 can die off for all I care. For a company who made more on gta than ever imaginable, they are damn greedy. I’m glad Red dead is just a shit copy that will die off quickly.

  5. xphiles says:

    Take two doesnt know how much he made, so they made a comfortable estimation of half a mil….yeahhhh about that.

  6. Charles Mills says:

    I’m a GTA fan I’ve been playing hard to get ahead of the game to buy a hanger but every time I try it’s just to high to do the first mission the cost is unreal when the ai tells u off line it’s free but online it’s costly why

  7. Julius Mitchell says:

    Right the game developers know what their doing , keep you spending money real money, make the game fair to play and y’all won’t have these problems, this is like trying to win that prize in the ridged claw machine, it is already set up to take your money

  8. Jeff says:

    Modders are the cancer of online gaming. I hope Take Two wins and Perez gets all he has justly earned.

  9. Mitch says:

    That’s like $3 in their game, doesn’t sound too bad to me

  10. Fw says:

    In my opinion, some of these moods are what help keep Gta going, and they should be thanking the guy.

  11. BluDafoxx470 says:

    I’m so glad you cracking down on the mod account because they makes it hard on players trying to enjoy the game