As most of you know, Rockstar Games aren’t just involved with video games. They are involved in the films industry and they even have their own Cycling series, Red Hook Criterium.

Red Hook Crit series is a short circuit race where the riders use brakeless fixed gear bicycles (yes a few accidents do happen) they have separate races for men and women. The Crit series is held in 4 cities each year, Brooklyn, London, Barcelona, and Milan. This year is different though, it seems they’ve run into issues meaning London and Barcelona events have both been canceled.

A few days ago, Red Hook Crit did announce that the Milan race will be returning on October 6th, 2018. It will be held at Via Raffaele Lambruschini, 7, 20156, Milano, Italy, with Rockstar Games once again presenting the event. If you live in Milan or can attend from wherever you live, we really advise you go to the event, cycling isn’t our thing but we have attended Red Hook Crit: London every year since it was started and it’s such a fun day. The event is free if you’re a spectator, oh did we mention the cowbells? yes, they give out thousands of Rockstar Games cowbells for FREE. If you want more information on the event, you can find it here

Red Hook Crit and the founder, David Trimble have both confirmed on Twitter that London and Barcelona crits have been cancelled and will hopefully be returning in 2019

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