Grand Theft Auto

New exploit in GTAV allowing cheaters to crash peoples game in Single player

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  1. Done with rockstar says:

    The way Rockstar treats players PERIOD (not just PC) is a joke anymore. GTAO has degraded into virtual unplayability on PS4 with the amount of glitches and bugs that there are, most of which have been there from the start (god mode anyone?) And it took them what… nearly 6 years to even REMOTELY patch that? They’ve turned it into a freakin cash cow that people feed with the GTA+ SUBS and Shark cards and for what? Stop feeding the greed. Rockstar has proven what they’re about and have pissed a LOT of people off to the point I know many, myself included, that are no longer buying ANY product they come out with.

  2. Anony mouse says:

    Airplane mode has entered the chat.

  3. Midas says:

    New? That’s always been there. I love GTA Online, but, its a “It’s a, If you can’t beat them, join them” forum. You literally need to become a modder to stop yourself from getting griefed and run the risk of getting a ban. It’s not a game that rewards honest efforts. And if you remotely care about the game you are rewarded with someone bombing you for 10 minutes straight and stopping you from exiting the lobby or dropping you at the edge of the map continuously or caging you till you leave.

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