Midnight Club, a much-loved racing series developed and Published by Rockstar Games. The series has been forgotten about slightly with no new release since 2008.

Back in the year 2000. Midnight Club: Street Racing released. Back then Rockstar loved box art and advertisements just as much as they do now. Well, they shut down Times Square in New York City to get a picture for the cover art of the Game. Yes, they actually got permission from the City to shut it for one night just to get pictures.

The guy who owns the Yello Mazda MX-6 (Dustin Worles) reached out to us recently and wanted to send us pictures of some unreleased images of the Rockstar Games photo shoot in Times Square. Pretty cool, many of them are images of his Mazda, the Toyota Supra, and the Police Car from the Cover Art. You can find the images below.

He also recently made a video about how the entire recording of the photo shoot went with Rockstar Games. We recommend watching that.