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Are you trying to locate all of the 54 Playing cards? which if you find them all, you’ll unlock the High roller outfit. We have created a video which shows you where each playing card is. Watch it below. Credit goes to Gridlok Slomoveggie for the image Our full video tutorial Read More

Check out the prices for the Penthouse. With the maximum one costing $6,533,500 Design your own – Starting at $1,500,00 Crash Pad – Starting at $1,500,000 Party Penthouse – $3,776,500 High Roller Penthouse – $6,533,500     Read More

Check out the vehicle prices for the Casino update. 6 vehicles have bee released and we’re guessing the rest are going to be dripfed. Legendary Motorsport Southern San Andreas Read More

The Red Dead Series is well known across the globe. First released in 2004 with Red Dead Revolver. Originally being developed by Angel Studios and published by Capcom in 2000. With Capcom announcing Red Dead Revolver in 2002. in November 2002, Take-Two Interactive acquired Angel Studios and renamed it to Rockstar San Diego. Rockstar Games Read More

Red Dead Redemption has been called, quite rightly, an “outlaw simulator”. It’s a game that…yes, sure, is about shooting things. And yep, you get into punch-ups. And sure, there’s plenty of riding around on that pony and exploring the environment and heck, just taking in the views. But it’s so much more, too, from the Read More

Rockstar Games, a game publishing company known globally for its huge hits such as the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Series, along with its more controversial side for games such as Manhunt. Rockstar Games, which is owned by Take-Two, have many subsidiaries that work on a variety of different games and software. So let’s take Read More

The Grand Theft Auto series is well known all around the world. First released in 1997 by a company called DMA Designs, now widely known as Rockstar Games. The series was originally called ‘race n Chase’ where you played as a police officer. Before changing the idea and almost canceling the series altogether. Excluding re-releases Read More

Red Dead Redemption is one of the few games that gets poker right. It has drama, excitement, and skill. But that’s not all. Red Dead Redemption also gives you three ways to beat the game – fairly, unfairly, and by cheating. All you need to do is decide which tactic to use. After reading this Read More

You’ve probably seen clickbait like this all over YouTube, Twitter, etc. and we don’t usually do money making guides but considering the prices of some of the Red Dead Online items, and the fact this method is pretty good and doesn’t involve glitching, here is a good way to make quick money. Before we get Read More

Rockstar’s newest blockbuster, Red Dead Redemption 2 contains yet another UFO. Following the UFO Easter Egg on Mount Chiliad in 2013’s Grand Theft Auto 5, it has been discovered that Rockstar has done it again, only this time in the latest Red Dead. As has been reported by VG247 and Screenrant, the first step in Read More

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