Author: Kyle Evans

Rockstar Games have just announced whats to come with Red Dead Online. With free gold bars, Matchmaking improvements, daily challenges, Parley challenges and much more. Gold Bonus Log into Red Dead Online anytime between now and January 27th to receive 5 gold bars from Rockstar Games. All gold bars will be deposited on Tuesday, January 29th More to Read More

If we had been told over 5 years ago that Grand Theft Auto V was still going to dominate the charts in 2018, we probably would have doubted it. Now its been revealed by NPD that Rockstar Games and Take-Two had an amazing year in 2018 with Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption Read More

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, we can enjoy new discounts, new Double GTA$ bonuses, Free Tshirts and a brand new Sports Car for us all to purchase and enjoy. The Benefactor Schlagen GT now available Do you need a new Sports car in your life? Well, check out the Benefactor Schlagen GT. A great new Read More

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, we can enjoy new discounts, new Double GTA$ bonuses, Free Tshirts and a brand new Muscle Car for us all to purchase and enjoy. The Declasse Tulip now available Are you a Muscle Car fan and sick of all the futuristic vehicles in Blaine County and Los Santos? Well, Read More

Here we are, PlayStation have finally revealed what people loved the most in 2018. Giving us the charts of the top downloaded games from the PlayStation store in 2018. Once again, we can see what a year 2018 was with the amazing games that released. Both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V placed Read More

Today, Red Dead Online has received its first content update since releasing back in November 2018. Gun Rush has been introduced to the beta. Along with that Rockstar Games have also announced more updates that will be coming soon to Red Dead Online. Gun Rush Gun Rush is a new Game mode with up to 32 Players. Read More

Are you sick and tired of the current weapons you own in Grand Theft Auto Online? Well, don’t worry, now it’s time to splash some cash on upgrading your weapons inventory. With the latest release of the Unholy Hellbringer and the Widowmaker. Now it really is time to pretend you’re a Space Ranger. Both the Unholy Hellbring Read More

Leslie Benzies, someone who is well-known within the gaming community for being the president of Rockstar North, the studio responsible for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, is once again in another legal battle with Rockstar Games. This time over trying to ‘Solicit’ Rockstar employees. It’s been no secret that since Leslie Benzies departed Rockstar North in Read More

2018 was a huge year for Rockstar Games when it comes to Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: Online. Although fewer updates were released for GTA Online in 2018 than compared to any other year and drip feeding increased, the game itself still hit some great achievements, including hitting 100 million copies sold. Now, we Read More

As 2018 comes to an end, here is our summary of all of the Gaming events that we attended this year. It was for sure our best and busiest year to date. Here’s what we attended and what we thought about them below! (This article was written by Kyle Evans and Connor Brogan) Insomnia 62 Read More

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