Take-Two Interactive, the Publisher behind the well known series, Grand Theft Auto have won a court case that prevents players from modding Grand Theft Auto Online.

On Thursday 16th August 2018, US District Judge Luis Stratton awarded Take-Two Interactive a preliminary injunction against David Zipperer to prevent him from selling his software.

David Zipperer, from Georgia, was accused by Take-Two and Rockstar Games of selling Modding software for Grand Theft Auto Online. This allowed players who had purchased the modding tool to alter the Online experience for themselves and other players. Mainly ruining the game for legitimate people. Take-Two also claimed that Zipperer had cost the company at least $500,000.

The Two Modding programs are called Menyoo and Absolute. Menyoo was free to all users, but the free version only allowed you to mod the Singleplayer of Grand Theft Auto V. If you paid Zipperer you would gain access to mod the Online experience.

The Injunction awarded to Take-Two isn’t a harsh punishment, but the US Judge claims it was an appropriate punishment against Zipperer as he is unemployed and can’t afford to pay damages to Take-Two Interactive. Lusi Stanton also claims that the Injunction would serve the public interest by encouraging Take-Two to invest more in video games.

Take-Two said in a statement that they will keep pursuing legal action against people causing disruptions to its online gaming community.

Back in May, we revealed that Take-Two is suing another well-known modder, called Jeremy Taylor, better known as Chr0m3 x MoDz.