Lately, in the news, we’ve seen that a kid is being sued by Epic games for Modding Fortnite. Well, Rockstar Games parent Company, Take-Two Interactive has gone down a  similar path. They are taking a GTA Online modder to court to ban him from making unauthorized changes to GTA Online.

Jeremy Taylor, who is known as ‘Chr0m3 x MoDz’ was a well-known Modder within the GTA Online community. Back in the day, he found over 100 unused animations for GTA Online HEISTS and also went into a Rockstar Games Twitch live stream and modded the f*** out of the session. But he would also go into random lobbies and mod everyone’s sessions, which, as you can imagine is rather irritating.

Take-Two Interactive put an end to this in November 2014 with Chr0m3 x MoDz by exchanging a deed that both parties agreed to. Jeremy Taylor admitted to breaching the games EULA (end user license agreement) and Take-Two interactives copyright.

In the deed, Chr0m3 x MoDz agreed with Take-Two that he will no longer make unauthorized modifications to any of Rockstar Games or Take-Two’s software and to not publish any instructions for his Mods.

Now, we go to February 2018, Take-Two Interactive came across a GTA Online video on Youtube, posted by a channel called ‘Stelio Kontos’ which featured Taylor character and his voice, where Taylor (Chr0m3 x MoDz) apparently said that he’s returned to modding in Grand Theft Auto Online. He allows other people to take credit for all of his Online mods without them naming him at all.

As this is in violation of the Deed agreement, Take-Two decided to take this to the Australian Federal Circuit Court which has now put a temporary ban on Jeremy Taylor from:

reproducing, adapting, or communicating to the public the Grand Theft Auto
V software and the GTA Online games (the Software) or a substantial part of the Software. (find the whole document here)

We’ll keep updating everyone when we get more information. Take-Two interactive clearly aren’t messing around with Modders




  1. Loool this guy modded my acc when it was first released on Xbox 360, props to this guy for being a thorn in Rockstars ass.

    They should’ve made the game playable, you have to slave for hours, days, months even years (much like a job) to receive any benefits in the game, no wonder there’s so many modders.

    Rockstar from a user who enjoys playing your games, please sort your shit out, don’t blame the community, blame your failed features and heed what the users have to say and take constructive criticism.

    • @jhon marston
      You are part of the problem. You stated he moded ur account when it first released! means u were one of the first dirtbag cheaters. I have been playing on and off since it first released online i never needed cheats. F all those who take it a step further and interfere with others internet”ddos boot u offline” u m*fukas need to get a life.

  2. They still modding on 360 ? It’s being done ✅ on XBox One , they all have been saying it can’t happen but it has been happening just in lower scale cause only 4 ppl in the world 🌎 have the coding to do it.

    • it’s mods on ps4 but you gotta pay for a $60 program so u can edit your game saves and glitch the modded cars to online

  3. The reason shit is so expensive in game is because of dumb fucks that ruined the economy with cheated money in the first place.


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