Earlier in the week, Rockstar Games released a new game mode and 3 new vehicles in GTA Online. ‘The Vespucci Job’ is the closest game mode to the well-loved ‘Cops n crooks’ from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Image credit: @AarDooo

The Vespucci Job

The Vespucci job is an Adversary mode added as part of the SuperSport Series update. A maximum of 4 players can participate in a match, 1 runner and a total of 3 police officers. The runner will be whipping around in the all-new Issi Classic, (which is based on a Mini) having to drive through a total of 15 checkpoints within 5 minutes, all located within a small area. If the runner drives through all 15 checkpoints then they win the round. The 3 other players, which are Police Officers, have to try and stop the runner from getting all the checkpoints by ramming the Issi classic with their Police Cars, trying to blow the car up by doing so or by simply trapping the car in corners or against items.

If any of the players get stuck on an object or in corners they can simply respawn back in and the game will put them on a random street close by. If the runner has to spawn back in due to the Police Officers trapping them then 20 seconds gets taken off the time limit they have remaining. There is a total of 7 different Vespucci job missions.

Is it fun?

To put it simply, yes, its a lot of fun. As someone who isn’t a massive fan of Adversary modes in GTA Online as they all feel the same and quite boring, I feel like this is different. After playing it for a few hours I never got bored of it, with other Adversary modes I usually get bored after one or two games. This game mode is addictive and will provide you with plenty of laughter. This sentiment was also shared by GTA players we messaged on Twitter.

Improvements that could be made

We can’t really fault this game mode, Rockstar has done a fantastic job creating it, although we would still like some Cops n Crooks. There are still some improvements that could be made to the game mode to make it just that little bit more enjoyable.

  • 8 players – Having the option to have 8 player lobbies with 6 Cops and 2 runners would be better. Makes the game more challenging and means more friends can join.
  • Police Car selection – This isn’t a huge improvement but we feel at the start of the game there should be a selection of Police Cars which you can choose from. Currently, there is only the standard Los Santos police car.
  • Traffic – The host of the lobby should have the option to turn Traffic on and off, currently there isn’t any traffic in the mode and there isn’t an option to change this.

These are all the improvements we could think of, we highly recommend playing this game mode. If you haven’t played it yet then check out the video below which shows you a preview of the Vespucci Job.