Grand Theft Auto

Take-Two takes legal action against GTA Online cheats

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  1. Sam says:

    Good, almost every time I play it on pc I get kicked or killed by an invisible hacker. They call themselves modders instead it’s pathetic.

  2. Chris W says:

    They need to go after cheaters on consoles as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time!

  4. Clayne Timo says:

    Absolutely terrible, you get paid to write and can’t get more than two paragraphs? 9s this a new direction for take two, or is this in line with how they’ve been historically? If this is a new direction, what does it mean for the industry? Are there other situations that have happened that are similar? Lazy lazy writing.

  5. SHUSH says:


  6. Anonymous says:


  7. by says:

    how the fuck can take shit even control their funds if luna is in bitcoin TF take shit has brains to track bitcoin? get the fuck out of here

  8. dark says:

    losers who suck at games… need to cheat so they can brag how many genuine players they trolled/mowed down, how much theyve illegally earnt in gta dollars & to show what expensive gta items they conned out of the game… lol… spoils the online experience for legit players & so pathetic if ppl need to cheat especially at easy games like gta… haha

  9. Yo Mom says:

    The people that make the cheats just make the gun so to speak. The people that use them in public lobbies are the one’s committing the murders. I don’t think there’s a problem with using them in private lobbies because the people there consent to it at least.

  10. Dook says:

    Shoulda done this years ago.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Lilith lawleit says:

    Need to go after the console cheaters too.. they’re ruining everything..

  13. Brucie says:

    This amounts to a drop in the bucket. There’s dozens upon dozens of these mod menus in existence. This action is somewhat laughable because we as players report, report, and report the accounts that abuse these menus in GTA Online, and nothing is seemingly done. This is only happening because the cheats being used from this menu was impacting Take Two’s profits. Also, maybe if they did something more about the constant griefing and the tryhard behavior in the online lobbies, few excuses would exist for players to resort to mod menus. Just a thought.

  14. T says:

    As a modder myself I believe in menus to some extent. I agree with Brucie completely about the tryhard grief aspect. I became a modder after playing the game legitly for 7 years. And let me say there is terrible modders out there that grief and deserve everything they have coming to them. But I disagree with all you when I say that modders are just loosers who hide in a basement all day. Modding the game has a fun aspect to in that after playing the game for so long you just sometimes can’t feel in gta no more. And being able to help out when another modder is just destroying the experience for a whole lobby also has some pluses to it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but my person one is no matter how much they try to ban menus they will always be there and take two will only care when it serves them to care.

  15. john smith says:

    hell rockstar games i will never buy any of their products again, they steal ppl millions of money with their bullshit and they dont want to lose 10$ in return, bunch of nazis

  16. They exit scammed, Luna wasn’t the issue it was the users. They are not hackers, they don’t know how to clear cmd prompt. All they know is click on the Luna injector and wait 15 seconds.

  17. Lucy says:

    I’m sorry but this isnt a solution to anything, there are hundreds upon thousands of cheat menus out there still being sold, an actual solution would be a anti cheat. There are some incredible anti cheat companies to chose from all of which will likely get rid of 90% of the cheaters but rock☆ the multi billion dollar company just cant afford that I understand

  18. Cătălinbdr says:

    Cant we take legal action over overpriced stuff? I mean there wouldnt be so many cheaters if this wasnt a problem in the first place

  19. Lallapersson says:

    Take luna back up NOWWWW PLSSSSSSS ???

  20. CC says:

    Ah yes need to get those shark card sales higher and higher. Because the game is a paywall and it becomes a credit card smashing contest