During a panel at the Cowen and company 46th Annual Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, The President and Chief Financial Officer, Karl Slatoff had some interesting information to share about Take Two’s thoughts on Traditional DLC.

First off, he revealed to everyone that the team at Rockstar Games is sufficiently staffed and the team for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 are completely independent and all decisions for both games are kept completely separate from each other.

Karl Slatoff then revealed that traditional DLC, something Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t have, is something they still find interesting, but then said its implementation depends specifically on a game by game basis. Slatoff also said during the conference that Take-Two does not allow its studios (Rockstar Games) to cut features from its games in order to make it in time for the release date. Take-Two Interactive would rather the game gets delayed so the game is better than anticipated and feature complete. They want games ‘More ground Breaking’ than the last one.

Also during the presentation, it was said that games from Take-Two may take longer to release because it’s important to release them when they’re at the best quality so they can perform better. They want games to release that players want to continue playing months and years down the line. This is so they can have more Recurring Consumer spending opportunities (Microtransactions and DLC Updates)

Also mentioned by Slatoff, he said that Take-Two do think about subscription business models for games. He doesn’t believe that gaming has anything that makes subscription models impossible to work but a subscription model needs to work for everyone, from players to platforms to publishers. Figuring that out to work is the trick and an art form of its own