Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar, please let PC players transfer their GTA Online progress to next-gen versions

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  1. Jason Griffith says:

    Hell fucking no. I don’t want to see massive level 8000s filling rooms on consoles. I worked hard getting to level 1500 on ps5 don’t want hackers transferring account over they will just end up selling accounts.

  2. Foxking says:

    Fk no. Start everyone off fresh! It’s gonna be a totally different feel and everyone should start of new again. Think about it Rockstar you’ll be making that fat cash again for a grip longer.

  3. T Perkins (PS4 switching to PC ) says:

    Rockstar is so Smart they are Dumb they are so hard up sales & money This game Should have the upgraded expanded & enhanced from PS4 & Pc Rockstar is basically being greedy juicing a 13 year game are you serious? Grow up Rockstar PC users need more just like PS4 users we don’t need to keep upgrading our systems for a 13 year game PC modding is needed because Rockstar don’t listen to their fans nor make the game exciting just very Limited and tbh PC is way better I need to switch even if we get a PS5 the PC experience is better it’s more opportunities Rockstar needs to have it for all consoles because it’s a old game and let PC get the E&E because it will be better than PS5 & ps alot of ppl still want their PS4 Think about that and alot of ppl will cross of over to PC because Rockstar don’t have the consistent ideas like PC modders I’m switching to PC because PS5 is a waste of money

  4. Ben says:

    I’m kind of torn ATM… I have my PC account but I own a ps5 now.. if they let PC migrate then that’s awesome, but if not, it’s not a big deal I don’t think.

  5. Gary says:

    Rockstar even if you decide not to go with PC to Xbox to stop all the hackers moving across, could you not just add in a function to move from xbox to PC I rarely play on xbox now, and I never had a good PC that could run GTA5, but since I have a compatable PC now after I got my xbox one, it would be nice to continue from where I left off.

  6. Hannah says:

    Ok lets take a minute to think about this ☝️

    Pc migration would be a dream for honest players to migrate onto console but would also be a nightmare as this would open the floodgates for exploited mod menu Accounts with superior character advantages for trolling or purchasing goods in next gen high security consoles that pride themselves on keeping such exploited accounts away that have violated the T&C’s with menus therefore upsetting the balance of fair play use.

    Migration from Exploited PS3 & Xbox 360 consoles on Next Gen was troublesome at first that angered many legit players who worked hard for what they have vs exploited acc’s and the battle has been even bigger for pc gta online that microsoft has decided to treat all pc GTA Online as so never to crossover platforms due the numbers in the thousands which is far too many to filter out.