According to a number of tweets shared from inside Rockstar North, Rockstar Games has been taking part in pride month 2019 to show solidarity with its LGBTQ employees.

In a tweet Hannah Bradshaw, an art production coordinator at Rockstar North, stated that this was the first year Rockstar North has taken part in the two decade old event. According to Bradshaw, after she brought in multiple Pride flags and distributed them last year, the company’s response “was amazing” and led to its involvement with the month long event this year.

Alisdair Wood, Principal Illustrator at Rockstar North, also shared the image. Martin MacKinnon, a senior video game developer at the studio, was another to share the image. The official Rockstar Games social media accounts have not shared the image or mentioned Pride month in any fashion. Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to what Rockstar North will do next year to mark.