Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games & their parent company block all game sales in Russia, amid to Ukraine invasion

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  1. Minou says:

    shame …

    “The games must remain far from politics”.

  2. Dr S Kicker says:

    Exactly. Russian vodka, airlines, the well off and their super boats Russian Xbox and PlayStation accounts, everything Russian in a childish way not even connected to Putin’s political agenda seems to being politicized and that’s just wrong and not just stupid. But also silly. It is drilled into football supporters in the UK to keep secterianism, racism and politics out of sport and sporting stadiums. The example the EU is setting in politicising sport as a means to get one over Putin is a very bad example to say the least.

  3. momo says:

    very good article

  4. mmc says:

    They also blocks registrations from Ukraine

  5. Anton says:

    Dear developers. Please block all players from Russia. Deny them access to GTA online. The Russians spread insulting statements and humiliate Ukrainians. Thank you very much for your understanding.