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Rockstar removes “Expanded and Enhanced” phrasing from GTA V next gen

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  1. Antipuss says:

    Because everyone shat on that phrase

  2. Prince Subzero says:

    It might be the same game since they did that

  3. Joe Smith says:

    Rockstar is no longer tentatively releasing additional content, aka ‘expanded gameplay’. They are only altering graphics and stability.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They seriously need to leave Grand Theft Auto V alone because they are turning their own game into great big steaming pile of dog poo and that is wording what I feel about the game and what they have done to it nicely

  5. EJ says:

    Because it was bullshit

  6. You dumb says:

    Whos worst them for milking the crap outta it or all the dummies that keep re-buying a game over and over… If you bought it more them once its your fault retard.

  7. Anony says:

    It isnt possible to buy a game more than once idiot

  8. Dave says:

    What if I never played GTA V before? There are people who never played it and have been waiting for this version on new consoles.

  9. Adam bishop says:

    Well then I just saved my self some money no reason to buy it for the ps5 when my digital copy for ps4 works on my ps5

  10. Davie says:

    This is hilarious. It makes me both upset and ecstatic at the same time. F*ck (modern) Rockstar

  11. Let's go Brandon says:

    It’s funny,the biggest companies, who could afford to make these updates free, are the ones u know are charging for them. Ppl who bought gta v on 360 & Xbox one should get it free. I lost my save on 360 cuz all these stupid gaming sites said progress would carry over, but only the online part did, which i cared nothing about, i wanted to finish the single player campaign. So, i never did, it’s just sat there taking up hard drive space. I’m not doing all of that 50+% again.

  12. Billy bob says:

    Well technically as it came put on ps3 originally if you bought it for updated graphics on ps4 then ps5 for improved graphics that’s buying the same game over and over

  13. Dave says:

    The game needs more map, for Chrissakes.

    It’s a game about vehicles. Cars. Motorcycles. Boats. Helicopters. JET PLANES for crying out loud.

    You can only drive over the same few roads so many times. 8 years we’ve been playing this, and scoured every inch of the place…

    Rockstar needed to balance a few vehicles and JUST ADD MORE FREAKIN MAP. The one we’ve got is tiny for a multiplayer game with long engagement distances, and everybody knows it.

    What a missed opportunity.. for we players and for Rockstar/Take Two as well.

    The game’s finely tuned engine, a devoted playerbase, years and years to put something together and more money than God to do ot with… and they drop the ball completely.

  14. Dr Shite Kicker says:

    Wise move in removing the phrase as it wouldn’t have been expanded and enhanced given it’s just a port of the previous gen versions of the game. Would be ironic giving it a phrase expanded and enhanced when crap loads of content released on GTA online isn’t implemented in single player in order to keep that phrase “expanded and enhanced”