Red Dead Redemption 2 resurgence continues, hits new highest ever player count on Steam

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  1. Malcontented Misanthrope says:

    Too many hackers on-line ( I was chased by a a bear..a POLAR bear), so I stick with the story

  2. Richard says:

    I’ve been playing RDR2 for the past 6 months or so, love the game in story mode not so much online.
    Too many shenanigans in the online game for me

  3. Kianthei says:

    I agree. But online is pretty good minus the idiots

  4. Max the Cajun says:

    I play online daily since 2019. Finished the storyline 3 times (including the 100% challenge) before getting on the sandbox bandwagon.

    Althoufh this game is incomplete and seems unfinished in its content, it remains one of my favorite hobbies. The community, the setup, the missions (even if a bit repetitive)… the entire setup is a work of art.

    Perhaps news like this will slowly but surely bring back interest into investing a little more to perfect it (its economy is all over the place and they need to be bold in their mission creations).

  5. Cosey says:

    I’m in my 10th playthrough and to me the story gets better every time I play it

  6. Karo says:

    stea sale. thats all.

  7. Roger says:

    I love both online & story

  8. Suzanne Grundman says:

    Been playing RDO for years…..gonestly I still love just listening to the sounds, crickets at night, a good thunderstorm. It’s relaxing to ride around listening to my horse. Some of the moder stuff that happens can be kind of funny too. I loved it when someone created godzilla sized animals and dropped them all over my map.

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