Red Dead Online Standalone is now available

Comments (9)
  1. The_Wizard92 says:

    I bought it on Epic Games, but I’m not able to download it… So I won’t say it’s 100% available 😀

  2. k says:

    the steam version isn’t out yet

  3. HS says:

    Where is the Steam version?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t it available on steam ?

  5. KR says:

    when will it be available on steam?

  6. Tomas Kondor says:

    when will it come to Steam?

  7. kv says:

    Waiting for the steam version!

  8. Mikiruko says:

    im still waiting to get out on steam :c

  9. Anonymous says:

    Will steam be coming out today?