This week in Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games have released another new showdown mode, new clothing, and new discounts on items.

Sport Of Kings – Now available

‘Battle on horseback to secure the burning torch and ride through all your team’s signal fires to score in Sport of Kings. The newest Red Dead Online Showdown Mode is a true test of horsemanship for two teams and four to eight players, with Sawed-off Shotguns for close combat and rare single-shot Dynamite Bow pickups on either side of the torch to help even the odds.’

New clothing and bonuses

This week, visit Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. to purchase a few pieces of new clothing. Visit to purchase the Strung Sombrero,  the Gibbston Pants, and the Chuparosa Poncho.

Anyone who plays Red Dead Online over the next two weeks and is level 10 or above will receive a care package featuring bait and special arrows, a powerful weapon, feathers, and oleander.

Anyone who is over level 20 will get an extra care package that includes provisions and big game meats.

Also, this week, take advantage of the 30% XP boost on all activities.

Rank 10 Bonus Care Package

  • 20x Small Game Arrows
  • 20x Fire Arrows
  • 20x Poison Arrows
  • 5x Predator Bait
  • 5x Herbivore Bait

Rank 20 Bonus Care Package

  • 3x Minty Big Game Meat
  • 3x Oregano Big Game Meat
  • 3x Thyme Big Game Meat
  • 10x Baked Beans
  • 10x Corned Beef
  • 10x Canned Salmon
  • 5x Jolly Jack’s
  • 5x Cocaine Gum
  • 5x Moonshine
  • 5x Gin
  • 5x Guarma Rum
  • 5x Fine Brandy