Yes that’s right, you read the title correctly, are you a PlayStation 4 user but you don’t currently have the money to pay for Playstation plus?

That’s no problem, Rockstar Games have made Grand Theft Auto Online available for everyone on PlayStation 4 whether you pay for PlayStation plus or not. It’s only available to non-subscription members for 2 weeks though. From now until August 6th, 2018.

This was confirmed by PlayStation themselves on their blog, so go enjoy the new update that dropped today, the After Hours update. Featuring Nightclubs and an old face from a previous GTA Game, Gay Tony.

Anyone who plays GTA Online within this time without a PS Subscription and purchases the 15 Month subscription (which is currently on offer for the price of 12 months) will receive a $1,250,000 reward then an extra $200,000 every week for 7 weeks.

If you want any information on this update then you can find it here