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New GTA Online update released to fix major hack, patch notes posted

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  1. No one special says:

    “it’s not safe” – no doubt for some, I survived though, lucky me
    “it’s safe now” – yea I don’t think it has ever been safe.
    the hack just got into the hands of a lot of people who were so desperate to bully others, they got it and tried to do exactly that.

    but the “mods” that are long time abusive are long time in the hands of many people to the tune of every session gets ruined.

    Why are we acting as if this isn’t happening ?

  2. jenish pant says:

    in mobile not playing gta 5

  3. Nila Strock says:

    Hi owner, Your posts are always interesting.

  4. MeMnonCZ says:

    Cosial service are crashed and i can’t join in gta5…6 days

  5. Hello webmaster, Your posts are always well-balanced and objective.

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