Rockstar Games, a game publishing company known globally for its huge hits such as the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Series, along with its more controversial side for games such as Manhunt. Rockstar Games, which is owned by Take-Two, have many subsidiaries that work on a variety of different games and software. So let’s take a look at all the studios that have been and are currently under Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games

Active since: December 1998

Location: Broadway, New York City

Description: Publishing studio for all the Rockstar subsidiaries. Publishing games such as Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, Red Dead and more. Along with publishing films such as Football Factory.

Rockstar North

Active since: 1984

Joined Rockstar: 2002 – Present

Formerly known as: Acme Software & DMA Designs

Location:  Edinburgh, Scotland

Known for: The Grand Theft Auto series, Manhunt series, and helping other studios on projects.

Rockstar San Diego

Active since: 1984

Joined Rockstar: 2002 – Present

Formerly known as: Angel Studios, Inc

Location:  Carlsbad, California

Known for: The Red Dead, Midnight Club & Smugglers Run series, along with being the lead studio for the RAGE game engine.

Rockstar Toronto

Active since: 1988

Joined Rockstar: 1999- Present

Formerly known as: Imagexcel, GameTek Canada, Rockstar Canada Inc, Rockstar Toronto Inc, Rockstar Games Toronto Inc.

Location:  Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Known for: The Warriors, and supporting other studios on projects such as Porting GTA IV & the Story DLC’s on Windows

Rockstar Lincoln

Active since: 1992

Joined Rockstar: 2002 – Present

Formerly known as: Spidersoft Limited & Tarantula Studios

Location:  Lincoln, England

Known for: Dedicated Quality assurance and Localization studio.

Rockstar Leeds

Active since: 1997

Joined Rockstar: 2004 – Present

Formerly known as: Möbius Entertainment Limited

Location:  Leeds, England

Known for: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars

Rockstar New England

Active since: 1999

Joined Rockstar: 2008 – Present

Formerly known as: Mad Doc Software

Location:  Ballardvale, Massachusetts

Known for: Bully: Scholarship Edition

Rockstar International

Active since: 2003

Joined Rockstar: 2003 – Present

Formerly known as: N/A

Location:  London, England

Known for: The international Publishing HQ for Rockstar Games

Rockstar London

Active since: 2005

Joined Rockstar: 2005- Present

Formerly known as: N/A

Location:  London, England

Known for: Max Payne 3 & Manhunt 2

Rockstar India

Active since: 2016

Joined Rockstar: 2016 – Present

Formerly known as: N/A

Location:  Bangalore, India

Known for: No projects announced as of yet

Rockstar Vienna

Active since: 1993 – 2006

Joined Rockstar: 2003 – 2006

Formerly known as: Neo Software Produktions GmbH

Location:  Vienna, Austria

Known for: Supporting studios with game development, started developing Manhunt 2 before closing down

Rockstar Vancouver

Active since: 1998

Joined Rockstar: 2002 – 2012 (Merged into R* Toronto, all staff given the option to join any other R* Studio)

Formerly known as: Barking Dog Studios Ltd.

Location:  Vancouver, British Columbia

Known for: Bully & Max Payne 3