GTA+ subscription service now live in GTA Online

Comments (3)
  1. Niclas says:

    I save my money. I do not subscribe for this one. That’s for sure

  2. Johnnymalone says:

    Gta online is fun but I don’t think there’s enough content or replay value to justify a subscription service. After you’ve got your favorite car, your house and your guns there isn’t much left to do. There isn’t any reason to own a subscription unless you’re an absolute newb or some seriously die hard fan who does nothing but play gta and is always broke

  3. instead of making fun, replayable missions with a decent payout or new interesting business that pays well, we get a subscription service. for a game going on a decade old, its just plain ridiculous. but i wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out this is just testing grounds for GTA 6.