Tomorrow in Grand Theft Auto Online, another instalment hits the game as the Oppressor MK II and the Terrorbyte will be released. Two long-awaited vehicles coming as part of the After hours update. The Nerve Center and the Client Jobs will also be launching.

The Terrorbyte will be releasing, priced at $1,375,000 and will be available at Warstock Cache and carry. It will come fully equipped with a Command Center.

The Oppressor MK ll will also be available via Warstock Cache and Carry, priced at between $2,925,000 – $3,890,250. These prices were revealed a few weeks ago which you can find here.

Nerve Center

Quoted from The Newswire:

The Nerve Center’s touchscreen computer contains Paige’s custom app, allowing you to hack your illicit businesses and launch new Client Jobs. Everything you possibly need to take down any score. Tap into the powerful Nerve Center of the Terrorbyte to command turret and drone stations, lock onto multiple targets and eliminate them simultaneously with the Multi-lock missile battery, customize the Mk II Oppressor and modify your arsenal at the Mk II Weapon Workshop, and launch new Client Jobs from the touchscreen computer. The Drone Station provides a flying drone unit that can shock anyone who steps out of line with its stun gun. The Specialized Vehicle Workshop is built to house and customize your new Oppressor Mk II, which is invaluable for rapid escapes and chases while handling operations from the road.

Client Jobs

New client jobs will be launching tomorrow in Grand Theft Auto Online. With the highly requested Drone releasing. Launch the Client jobs from the touchscreen Computer in the Terrorbyte. Paige has plenty of clients for you to make money from. You can also launch MC, CEO or VIP missions from this Computer. The Drone will also have special Hacking functionalities.

Hacking your Business

Your nightclub is a way to bring in legally earned cash right? Whilst your Technicians work in the Nightclub warehouse making not so legal cash. Paige will have an app which can access all of your businesses, which will allow you to start, steal and resupply runs from anywhere in Los Santos.


The Terrorbyte is stored on the new garage level of the Nightclub Warehouse. Upgrade its armor, engine, and tuning for effective rapid response to Client Jobs, Steal and Resupply missions.

The Terrorbyte’s cab comes equipped with a powerful update of the LSPD’s outdated Maverick Scanner, which allows you to see a detailed breakdown of persons of interest in the area – everything from their combat info to any other dirt they may be hiding… It’s also got some job specific features packed in too.

Keep the Oppressor Mk II customized and stored in the Terrorbyte and break out the flying bike when you need to chase down targets or quickly make your way to a new location. The Terrorbyte can be returned to storage through the interaction menu, while both the Terrorbyte and the Mk II Oppressor can be delivered through the interaction menu.