The Criminal Enterprises

GTA Online The Criminal Enterprise update – All unreleased vehicles

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  1. B618boiiz says:

    I honestly really enjoy everything it had to offer I bought 4 new vehicles including the helicopter so at this point I’m patiently waiting for the New luxury Auto shop coming an the rest of the cars. And everything else that’s coming an I wanna say me personally I appreciate everyone behind-the-scenes at Rockstar…

  2. Bdz says:

    Named the unermacht wrong

  3. Rockstar lacking says:

    This terrible

  4. Julian Digby Bottin says:

    Finally the modern Camaro, and a 4th gen are coming! Although the fourth gen is a Trans AM….I would bet the hood can be made flat and front in tweaked to look more like the Camaro instead. I have a 96 Z28 6 speed manual convertible myself.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This update sucks a big one the new missions Pay is awful

  6. William says:

    I am looking for the runner zz8 in the update and it’s nowhere to be found I am a pc gammer