GTA Online Casino update – List of countries which have banned the Casino features

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  1. Omran says:

    Plz let us use casino games plz RS

  2. Romeo says:

    Hi, so I live in Sweden wich is not on the banned list but I still cant use the Casino features.

  3. Adis says:

    Can i send my ID to be availbe to play?Im from Bosnia

  4. It’s not the countries who have banned the casino it’s Rockstar.
    They couldn’t be bothered to do enough research on the topic.
    I’m going to claim the cost of my game and compo.

  5. Abdalla Altaweel says:

    why like this
    we want to play

  6. saqer._. says:

    I am a US accountant why I am not allowed to play kazeno games

  7. Tomáš says:

    This is bad i dont wont play in casino i wont only buy outfits but i cant buy tokens this uprdute is useless 🙁

  8. No name says:

    This is not real gamble
    There is no actual money in this game
    Everything is virtual

  9. vadim says:

    So, killing, stealing, robbing, making drugs, selling drugs, making and sellings weapons, selling stolen cars and hacking the game in every session is ALOWED by the law in every country, but gambling? NO.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is the spin wheel gambling….? At least activate the spin wheel. It is just luck, you don’t gamble money.

  11. Anonymous says:

    in lebanon there is cassinos so pls for lebanese people let us use theme

  12. Jay says:

    I live in London and it says it’s not not available at the moment why??

  13. in lebanon casino is allowed