This isn’t something we wanted to report on when we saw Eurogamer post it on twitter, (Wcctech is the original source) but as a news site that covers everything Rockstar Games related, good or bad we feel that we need too. During the GME 2018 Conference in Indianapolis, USA. Rockstar Games showed off a 20 Minute Demo of their upcoming game, Red Dead Redemption 2 to the Gamestop Employees that attended.

Image credit: undermined_productions

Some of the employees have posted what they thought of the demo on Reddit. One claiming that there was some action but no running, with him also saying he fell asleep within the 20 minutes of the demo being shown.

Another Reddit user under the name jgrindberg posted saying it was a beautiful game but it was mostly a demo of horse riding simulator, also claiming it was hard to stay awake.

One employee did say it was the very last thing they saw at the conference and they were exhausted from a long and busy week. Saying he also nodded off for a minute but the demo was flawless and the game was beautiful.

WDCombo said – There was a shootout after a bank heist but before the heist, we saw 15 minutes of meandering through some woods and some plucky guitar playing. After the heist your gang is on the run and some men on horseback will confront you as you ride down trails to escape.

He then added that the shootout looked decent but the bank HEIST was very slow paced, but the demo they showed Gamestop employees was very dry.

Either way, we’re still excited for Red Dead Redemption 2. We can’t wait for October 26th. A game as massive as Red Dead Redemption 2 cant be judged on a 20-minute demo. We’re sure the demo was more to show off the game’s environment by the sounds of it.

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