The dutch outlet InsideGamer reported yesterday that Red Dead Redemption 2’s map would include something huge, and left fans in a state of excitement and shock.

However, it seems that the site, even after confirming that it is what Rockstar said to the editor, has retracted their statement on Red Dead Redemption 1’s map being entirely in Red Dead Redemption 2 and more.

The editor even claimed in person that it is what a Rockstar PR Rep said to him, however it seems that the website has stealthily edited their original extract which gave forward the claim.

Bear in mind that this does not unconfirm the information, it just puts it back in the cloud for “is it true and Rockstar didn’t want people to know”.

Instead of their original answer, which was “Yup! After asking Rockstar they told me the entire (!) map of Red Dead Redemption is also in this game, but that of course there are many more areas added. In the six hours I played I only got to see a small part of Blackwater, and even that was already gigantic. Six hours was not enough to see any of the other familiar places.” it now says this:

“Now we could answer that question, but in good consultation with Rockstar we ultimately do not want to give away too many spoilers. But let’s keep it that the map is big. Very large, much larger thanthe first Red Dead Redemption.”