Last weekend, I travelled down to London along with my Photographer Jake(although Lewis stole our camera all weekend) to attend Comic-Con London at the Excel Arena. We heard Ned Luke, Steven Ogg, and Shawn Fonteno, the main characters from GTAV were attending as special guests so we planned this trip along with a few other Rockstar Community members. (Everyone who attended will be linked at the bottom of the article)

Most of you have probably heard what Comic-Con London is. If you don’t, it’s basically a huge convention where over 130,000 people go and see their favourite characters from Comics, Films, TV Shows, Video Games and more. Others go to cosplay as their favourite characters.

Although the event has peoples favourite characters attending, it also features a great exhibition. Known worldwide companies such as Nintendo, Asus, Amazon had booths in the Exhibition and our Partner X-Gamer Energy were also there. It’s so easy to spend money at Comic-Con as there is just so much variety on offer for people to purchase. Costumes, toys, Energy Drinks, Knives, figurines and more. Streamers Connected, owned by our friend LT Zonda were also there, with the biggest stand they’ve ever had, with a stage, computers for people to play on and even more. The Exhibition was split into multiple halls, this helped to save overcrowding and meant we could find what we wanted to find easier.

Over the 3 days though, we did meet the Motion Capture actors for Michael Trevor and Franklin. We met them a lot. They were amazing guys that spoke to us like they had known us in person for years. I will admit, I fanboyed a little when I first saw Ned Luke (Michael) I mean who wouldn’t when your life for the last 5 years has revolved around a game they were the main protagonists for. Shawn Fonteno made conversation with me and Jake before we approached him as he thought we were part of Rockstar Games. Had a great conversation about Grand Theft Auto V and the Rockstar Games team at the Rockstar NYC HQ. We’d also like to thank them for the number of photos they had with us for free which should’ve been £15 a photo. On the Saturday the guys presented a Grand Theft Auto V live panel for the public, which we recorded in full. You can watch it here

On the Sunday, we also attended a Grand Theft Auto Private press conference, which you can also watch here

Overall, the event was incredible, there was something there for everyone. You can find some of our pictures from the event below. We can’t wait for the next one.