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A new rumor has surfaced originating from Bully YouTuber TheNathanNS who claims to have received the world’s first screenshot from Bully 2 footage. Rockstar INTEL could not independently verify the authenticity of this image, so take it with a grain of salt. The image shows our first look at the UI, which implies the game will Read More

UPDATE: Polygon have apologized saying “Our original joke URL for this post has been changed. Sorry if that got your hopes up.” Assholes. ORIGINAL: Video game news site Polygon may have just leaked Bully 2. Either that, or this is the most evil troll of all time. In a new article from the site which reports Read More

A brand new rumor has released and has gained traction around the industry, with many Rockstar Games fans talking about it. Of course, it’s another Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor. This happens a lot before brand new Rockstar titles are announced, with only a few actual substantial rumors ending up true. The most credible rumors Read More

A new report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier collects accounts from multiple former Rockstar Games employees who have allegedly told stories of sexual assault, frat house-like mentalities in the workplace, trips to strip clubs, alleged abuse of workers by former executive Jeronimo Barrera and more. According to the report, employees alleged that “Barrera, one of Rockstar’s top Read More

UPDATE: has looked into the source of the rumor and has confirmed that there is a high likelihood that these are unsubstantiated claims with no direct source. Original Article: Today, Marketwatch revealed that Take-Two Interactive’s stock has climbed 4.7% after rumors that Sony Interactive is in board-level discussions to acquire the company in a “mostly Read More

In case you want a hint at the playlists and jobs for Red Dead Online, even when we’re a few hours away from launch, Illogical Mods has uncovered them. Playlists Jobs Read More