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Everyone knows Grand Theft Auto V is a game that is still selling well, years after release. With almost 100 Million copies worldwide and is the 3rd best selling game ever. Posted on the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation EU revealed that Grand Theft Auto V was the best selling game on the PlayStation store in August Read More

Three new sets of Grand Theft Auto Kubrick sets are coming to the Rockstar Warehouse soon, in Fact on September 14th and are currently available to preorder. Joining the Vice City, GTA lll and San Andreas Kubrick sets, will be the GTA 4, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto V HEIST edition sets. Read More

Next week in Grand Theft Auto Online, new After Hours content will be released as part of the weekly drip-feeding items. on Tuesday, September 4th, the Canis Freecrawler will be available to purchase from Legendary Motorsports. Priced at $597,000. (All credit goes to Yan2295) A new Adversary mode is also being dripfed into the game Read More

This week in Grand Theft Auto online, we have a new vehicle, The HVY Menacer, new discounts, more double GTA$ and RP opportunities and more. New Vehicle The HVY Menacer is the all-new weaponized vehicle to release in Grand Theft Auto Online, available to purchase from Warstock Cache and carry. It is priced at only Read More

The Declasse Scramjet is now available to purchase in Grand Theft Auto Online, Hunting Pack (Remix) Mode and new vehicles liveries are also now available. (Featured Imaged credit: BIGBOY4080362) New Vehicle – Declasse Scramjet The Scramjet is now available to purchase, priced at $4,628,400 or a trade price of $3,480,000. New Mode – Hunting Pack Read More

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, more drip-feeding content will be released, just like most weeks. On Tuesday 21st August, the Declasse Scramjet will be available to purchase from Warstock Cache and Carry, priced at $4,628,400 or a Trade price of $3,480,000. New Dripfeed Adversary Mode will also be released, Hunting Pack (Remix). Hunting Read More

Take-Two Interactive, the Publisher behind the well known series, Grand Theft Auto have won a court case that prevents players from modding Grand Theft Auto Online. On Thursday 16th August 2018, US District Judge Luis Stratton awarded Take-Two Interactive a preliminary injunction against David Zipperer to prevent him from selling his software. David Zipperer, from Read More

News: The Oppressor MK ll and the terrorbyte are now available to purchase in Grand Theft Auto Online. The Nerve Center, new Client Jobs, and the Black Madonna are also available, more information on that here New Vehicles The Terrobyteis now available to purchase. Priced at 1,375,000 It is available to purchase at Warstock Cache Read More

Tomorrow in Grand Theft Auto Online, another instalment hits the game as the Oppressor MK II and the Terrorbyte will be released. Two long-awaited vehicles coming as part of the After hours update. The Nerve Center and the Client Jobs will also be launching. The Terrorbyte will be releasing, priced at $1,375,000 and will be Read More

It’s Tuesday so we all know what that means for the world of GTA Online: a new event week and, of course, new content. Coming straight from Berlin, we have house and techno DJ, Dixon. He’ll be joining the line up of real-life DJ’S that have joined Los Santos with the After Hours update. If Read More

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