This week in Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar Games have filled it with plenty of new things to enjoy. With new modes for Arena War, a new vehicle, new bonuses, and Christmas gifts for everyone. There is something for everyone this week in Southern San Andreas.

New Arena War mode

Buzzer Beater is the all-new mode for the latest update, Arena War. Buzzer Beater is currently offering Double GTA$$ and RP to any players that try the mode this week. If you enjoyed Arena War you’ll for sure enjoy this latest edition.

New Vehicle – Pegassi Toros

We all love SUV’s right? Legendary Motorsport has now released the brand new Pegassi Toros. Priced at only $498,000. This is one vehicle you need to get your hands on. The Toros is based on the Lamborghini Urus.

Double Money Opportunities

The Arena War series is offering double GTA$$ and RP for another week. This includes the latest mode for it, Buzzer Beater.

T-Shirt Unlocks

Log into GTA Online anytime this week to unlock the Pegassi and Vapid T-Shirts. You have until Christmas Eve to unlock them.

Christmas update and Snow

During the Christmas period, everyone’s apartments and houses have been decorated with Christmas decorations. Legion Square has erected the Christmas tree once again for people to go and take Snapmatics with. Play GTA Online on Christmas and New Year to receive some Christmas gifts along with the Firework Launcher and new clothing.

Snow is also expected to fall in San Andreas this friday.

Vehicle Discounts

  • Benefactor Terrorbyte – 30% off
  • Mobile Operations Center – 30% off
  • B-11 Strikeforce – 30% off
  • P-996 Lazer – 30% off
  • Maibatsu Frogger – 40% off
  • Dune FAV – 35% off
  • Grotti Turismo R – 30% off
  • Obey Omnis – 30% off
  • Invetero Coquette Classic – 30% off
  • Vapid Ellie – 30% off
  • Pegassi Tempesta – 45% off
  • Dewbauchee Specter – 30% off
  • Truffade Adder – 40% off
  • Overflod Entity XF – 35% off
  • Grotti Cheetah – 30% off
  • Declasse Drift Tampa – 40% off
  • Benny’s Upgrades – 30% off