An unfought modding war with Rockstar & Take-Two – it’s time to be better

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  1. Nutzername says:

    GTA would be a dead game, possibly a dead series by now without mods. Most streamers avoid GTA online for security reasons, the big content is made on FiveM. R* jobs are quite badly made, compared to what the community puts together in the creator, often using props and tools R* locked away from the regular players. Which vehicles are popular is first seen in what the modding community creates, players gravitate towards, and R* eventually makes their versions of. The map is great for making the surroundings of singleplayer missions believable, but nowhere near enough for a decade of open world gameplay. Without modders V would have withered away, and R* would have needed to release VI, and likely even VII by now, but judging by the quality and size of their online missions and additions it is unlikely R* still have the capabilities to create enough high quality content for a whole new game.