An actor’s resume has been discovered containing credits for an upcoming Rockstar Games title – codenamed “Fiyero”.

The resume of an actor has been uncovered online by a “reliable anonymous source” talking to SWEGTA and lists a project codenamed “Fiyero” that is published by Rockstar Games.

The actor’s agency is UGA – an “innovative, talent-centred agency, breaking new ground, and building a solid foundation for successful careers.”

Many have speculated the meaning of the codename “Fiyero” – and some researching by the YouTuber has shown that the word means “proud” and is the name of the male protagonist in Wicked, the Broadway show; yeah, tells us nothing.

The YouTuber claims that he’ll be looking into the codename further, and we’ll update this article if he digs up anything. For now, we’re left to speculate what this upcoming project could be.

The actor lists “Multiple Roles” – which could refer to NPCs, various dialogue, or anything else really.

We’ve asked some of our sources and none of them has given knowledge of a “Fiyero” codename for either an upcoming Rockstar project or an existing one. The actor’s resume still lists the project as of publication.