Okay. Now that we have your attention we’d like to refer it to saving the internet, but more relevantly – us.

Article 13 is going to be voted upon in January 2019 – just a month from now. If it passes, copyright across the internet will be extremely enforced. As a news outlet, we’re not protected by this. Our words would belong to us, but nothing else on this site would. Of course, we do not own a majority of the images we use on the site as they belong to Rockstar Games – but Article 13 would make us vulnerable to unfair takedowns, copyright notices, and more.

You might not care, but companies such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more would be responsible for any copyrighted content posted on their sites, which could jeopardize the whole internet as we know it. We shouldn’t allow censorship to take over.

It’s not too late to stop it. Fight for a free internet today.

You can sign the change.org petition here, or if you are a UK citizen you can also sign the official parliament petition.

You can read more about Article 13 and what it will do if passed here.