Grand Theft Auto

A thank you message from Rockstar Games, GTA Online and Red Dead Achievements, new gifts, and more

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Big whoopie do.

  2. Anthony W Orwick says:

    How do you get the island I have taken planes over by where the island is supposed to be and can’t find it anywhere

  3. Chris W says:

    Having finally figured out the island heist and the paths the “soldiers” take, solo is the only way I’ll do it now. On to other things, I’m a long time player of GTAO and have been seriously disappointed with the vehicles that came with the cayo heist update. The 2 best, in my opinion, are the Itali RSX and the Toreador. Everything else has been pointless. I have spent some GTA cash but not as much as I did with the Summer update or the Casino update. I hope the next free vehicle will be better than the go kart lol it’s fun to drive but only for a few minutes. Keep bringing great updates with amazing vehicles and it’s almost a guarantee that GTAO and GTA5 will continue to hijack my personal time. I’m a lvl 889 and look to bust 1000 real soon, as long as the weekly events draw my interest.

  4. Sean Taylor says:

    Thats all well on good but why not stop milking gta 5 and put some of the money from micro transactions and shark cards into gta 6 your probably making billion (i dont know) but make the next one bigger and better your fans will appreciate that much more over flying bikes that just P!$$ everybody off

  5. Frankie goucher says:

    Who do you talk to at Rockstar if say ur a writer znd have 2 ideas for games that thinking outside the box of notm and guarded millions it brings if done write says the one who faithfully clicks in over 70 hours a week everyday for 2 years story mode arthur Morgan only

  6. Reese says:

    This is a joke. I came from gta to rdr and saw how much potential they’ve blown on rdr while turning gta into a complete circus with way too much silly and in my opinion very childish content. By far red dead one and two have destroyed any gta game ever made. Rdo is a joke. And still better than gta.

  7. Serreph says:

    GTA is great to play but, I’ll never stream it. It’s great to be able to get in the car and listen to the radio like IRL. It isn’t so great to get a strike for copy written music for streaming a game where it’s playing. Maybe game developers could help us streamers, who are basically free advertising agents for them, by putting a clause in the contracts with those artists that, in game content can not be prosecuted for the music contained in the game while it’s being played as part of the game.

    If they want to go forward with more popular music in the games it’s a must that something be resolved. “Just turn off the music.” isn’t really benefiting anyone because, it is not showing the full potential of the game and the artists either. It is free advertising for both parties. It is part of the game. To strike streamers for something included in the game is insane.

  8. Ricky Bobby Jr says:

    The reason people prefer to do the heists by themselves is because when you play with ransoms, they usually screw it up.

  9. Alex says:

    I dont meant to sound ungrateful but all we get is a cap and tee but the Red Dead playe4s gst a crap load of free things? Thats seems a bite….um……lame dontcha think? Like weve been playing GTA for the longest and thats what we get? A tee and a cap that most of us will never use? I think we deserve more than that

  10. For arguably the number one online multiplayer co-op game of its time, (congratulations by the way) the reason that 50% of your player base are playing the cayo perico heist solo has nothing to do with they want more solo content.

    That is a false conclusion based on accepting problems that you’re not fixing. There are two primary problems that need addressed:. 1) economics – want to see it first hand? Hire my consultancy Simple Leadership Consulting, and I’ll show you in one GTA weekly discount cycle.

    2) connecting good players – your multiplayer heist game mechanics are designed to make people annoyed with anything other than solo play or play with a known set of capable team members (who have a vested interest in team success).

    In other words you like everyone else, are taking data and drawing the wrong conclusion. No time like the present to change that!

  11. kevin kollars says:

    I love GTAO but as the previous commitment stated, the vehicles suck. A hummer with no armour protection. The Slam can that you can not use as a ramp or vehicle hauler. There are to many vehicles in the game that offer no protection. Basically not chance to fight back & defend yourself. I like the Oppressor but not being able to defend against it with 95% of the in game vehicles is ridiculous.

  12. Dan says:

    Easy way to get players back to rdr2 – Mexico!

  13. Luis G. says:

    Some players have done it solo cause that’s how they choose to play some of us that play it solo is due to the fact that solo makes more money then doing it in a group which is stupid seeing how there is so much loot on the island but even playing it with a crew of 3 the total take isn’t even half of what’s gathered during Intel. Rockstar should rebook at that part seeing how it makes no sense

  14. Zomby joe says:

    The reason I think people prefer to do the hiest alone is because the grouping system is a royal pain. Wait forever, finally start. One person dies and leaves. Rather than be able to continue 1 down. The mission fails, the group disbanded. Rinse repeat.

    Bring in a new person mid mission, let partial groups continue. Halt the mission until a replacement comes. Any of these would be great!

  15. Boffo says:

    “Achievements” in the title is misleading.

  16. Hiker Joe says:

    Chris, go outside and feel the grass sometimes..please?

  17. Cock says: