Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are going hard in the fight against Grand Theft Auto V Modders. Last Month, the Federal court of Australia have granted warrants to search premises of select individuals who have been selling mods for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Reported by Torrent Freak, but we were made aware by Kotaku. Multiple individuals who are believed to be linked to the ‘Infamous’ cheat which caused disruption to other users in GTA Online had there houses raided and searched and allowing the search party to seize any evidence linked to the modding and had all of their assets frozen.

Having their assets frozen, the courts only allowed them to withdraw enough money for daily life expenses. Not only was this on real money, but this also applied to Crypto Currency and any other digital currency. It also applied to Paypal.

After all of this, 4 individuals had all assets unfrozen and it was then narrowed down to just 1 of the accused individuals.

To read all of the information, make sure to check out Torrent Freak, you can also view the court order here