In 2009, Sony took the stage at their annual E3 press conference to announce, in co-operation with Rockstar Games, the development of Agent – a PlayStation 3 exclusive open world title set during the Cold War.

We heard little to nothing after this announcement, with the only hints at the projects existence being leaked concept art and the fact that the game remains on Rockstar Games’ website as projects in development/released.

Well, on November 19th 2018, Take-Two Interactive abandoned the trademark for the game, which they had renewed consistently and refiled for in early 2017 due to its expiration.

DEAD/APPLICATION/Refused/Dismissed or Invalidated
This trademark application was refused, dismissed, or invalidated by the Office and this application is no longer active.

Status: Abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued.

This is the closest we’ll get other than an announcement that the project has died. It’s possible it has changed names, but that is unlikely. We can only assume it has been stuck in development hell for years seen as though this is the first time Take-Two have not renewed or refiled for the trademark.

Well, folks. We probably won’t see Agent on the shelves anywhere soon. Obviously, we expected this but always had that small piece of hope inside of us. Now we wait and see if the game is removed from Rockstar’s site or Take-Two announce the cancellation of the game.

via DualShockers