Rockstar Says It’s Not Focused on Red Dead Redemption 2 Single-Player DLC or Undead Nightmare

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  1. Richard Wainio says:

    RDR2 for PC confirmed!

  2. Jangus says:

    Well with forced satellite internet, I won’t be supporting jack shit online.

  3. Johnny C says:

    What? Undead nightmare Not being worked on… then why tease it? In single player and online? Maybe it’s not being worked on because the work is finished? I don’t know seems kinda fishy that they dangle a tease in front of us only to not deliver. If all of this is just to mess with us then Rockstar has fallen out of favor in my eyes and they’ve become greedy & money grubbing like EA. If undead nightmare 2 don’t show I ain’t gonna put any money into rockstar games anymore…. used only from here on out.

  4. Daniel giardiello says:

    So R** basically said screw the fans who loved the story mode that help launch Rdo and made it a great game..RDR2 story mode has so much potential and they saying screw fans on what they want, that we are more concerned with money that Rdo can make even though alot of fans are getting tired of the bullying griefers who will not leave people alone. Wow.. guess when Rdo and RDR2 players see this article WONDER how long it take 4 R** says no longer doing Rdo for lack of players.. R** can do few small dlc for story mode like bounty missions or.side missions that will keep it going.. we are willing to pay 4 a good dlc for story mode… But this is how E** treats it’s fandase.. wow

  5. EdwardPepelu says:

    Sounds like the opposite of listening to feedback since they are avoiding the DLC that everyone is eager to buy and heists everyone wants added in; and instead are focusing on what they can add that will get you to spend real money on gold.

  6. Yeet says:

    Maybe don’t have it take a year to progress half a level without microtransactions, and players might get their teeth into the content a bit easier

  7. Anonymous Andy says:

    Fuck online give us undead nightmare

  8. Joe Bartlett says:

    So sad they’re not looking at the single player game, or undead nightmare. Games like this are what campaign players live for and to expand the world for the single player would be appreciated by so many. It was the worst thing about gtaV, the game was amazing but all the properties, yachts and vehicles and missions that never made their way to a single player game was tragic. I have no interest in playing online with other people and their agendas and finishing the game to get all that cash and have nothing to do with it was a bit pointless. I get there’s a lot of money in the online versions of gta and rdr but surely some of this content could transfer across to single player.

  9. Noneyea says:

    Just like they aint fixing their online servers so i quit getting kicked and lossing everything i get.

  10. Marcos says:

    I was already expecting this, but the campaign was so big and complete, that i think a DLC is not necessary. It would be great to have some Undead Nightmare 2, but i don’t know…