Rockstar Games have granted a terminally ill gamer’s wish to play their upcoming title Red Dead Redemption 2. It may seem like the game is so close to us, but unfortunately this gamer might not be here to share it with us.

This heartwarming grant of the gamer – named Jurian – is just one of many times game developers have gone out of their way to let terminally ill fans play their games before release. Nintendo previously let a fan play Smash Bros Ultimate before release – and they sadly passed away a few days later. Bethesda had let a fan play Fallout 76 earlier this month too.

The original article, which is in Dutch, details the story of Jurian and his attempt to get Rockstar’s attention as his life may very well be sadly over by the time Red Dead Redemption 2 hits shelves. We have a translation:

Outlet: “Silent, is what we were, when Jurian approached us via our Facebook page. He’s suffering of neurofibromatosis type 2, a hereditary disease that affects around 400 people in the Netherlands. His fight is over, and he’s now in the last phase of his life. Being a large fan of Red Dead Redemption 2, he really wanted to get to see and play the game, which resulted in his father, Harm, contacting Rockstar.”

Jurian: “Sadly, I am in the last weeks of my life. My treatment is over. Since 2004 I have been fighting a rare, chronic disease named neurofibromatosis type 2, which causes many “benign” tumors to grow in my body. I’ve survived for long, but I am done now.”

“Since I was waiting with excitement for Red Dead Redemption 2, my father decided to contact the publisher, asking if they had a copy of the game preliminarily as exception. Rockstar Netherlands was willing to give it but didn’t have the clearance, so they contacted the headquarters who set me up with something nice very quickly. By the end of the week two employees from Rockstar Netherlands visited me, who gave me a private demonstration of the game. After an afternoon of playing they sadly took the game back with them”

“Seeing as I read an article a short while ago about a similar case with Nintendo, I thought I’d share, seeing as Rockstar did me a favor as well.”

Outlet: “Within each company, small or large, are beautiful people at work the likes of which make these kind of things possible and we’re proud that Jurian was willing to share this with us, and that Rockstar made this possible.”

“We wish Jurian and his family well in the coming period, and we wish for them to have as many great moments together as possible.”