Rockstar Games Speaks Out About Grand Theft Auto Online’s 6 Year Journey

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  1. william says:

    I am really angry at rockstar.
    they recently ran a promo – get the launcher and social club and they give you gta San Andreas free.

    i got both. In order to get gta San Andreas I had to provide age verificatiin via the ONLY accepted method – a German id card, which you only get if you are German. period.

    I’m an American living in Germany. I have a passport a drivers license, and the German foreigners Id card. I took photos of them and mailed them in.

    rockstar at first denied this was true. the said yes, it was true and a known issue on their side. then I was promised they would fix it and even after the promo ended I would get the game. then I got mails telling me since I didn’t have a German id card I would never get the game. their customer service is in Poland (I think) and even asking about what’s going on about fixing this issue gets very angry responses.

    so rockstar – how do you intend to fix this for all the non Germans living in Germany that did exactly what your promo required and yet didn’t get the game as promised?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have played ever since ps3