Red Dead Redemption is one of the few games that gets poker right. It has drama, excitement, and skill. But that’s not all. Red Dead Redemption also gives you three ways to beat the game – fairly, unfairly, and by cheating. All you need to do is decide which tactic to use. After reading this article you’ll know which one will work for you….

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Know and use the rules of poker

Some poker games are terrible. I once played a poker game on a long haul flight that was a joke. I went all in for 19 straight hands, whatever my cards, and won each time. Your poker opponents in Red Dead Redemption aren’t so forgiving, but with a bit of poker knowledge you can beat them.

If you’ve already played some online poker then you should know the basics. If you don’t, head over to Online Casinos for guidance on how to play. For even more information, the video gives you some tips on how to value your hands:

The great thing about using your poker knowledge in Red Dead Redemption is that your opponents often overvalue their hands. This means if you start with a good pair, hit top pair, or better, you can bet your opponent down. The result is that you can get maximum value from your hand. This is how to beat the game using your poker skills.

Top tip: If you’re not aggressive enough your opponents will punish you for it.


Go all in and restart until you beat the game

If you’re like me, you’re a perfectionist when you play a video game. This means there’s no shame in hitting restart until you’ve got the result you want. No. In fact, it’s the right thing to do. Beating poker in Red Dead Redemption is no different.

There’s no limit on how many times you can reset and begin and episode on Red Dead Redemption. This means you can take down your opponent in one move, so long as the move plays how you want it to.

The way to do this is to go all in with every hand. If your opponent goes all in on your first hand and loses then great. If your opponent folds then keep shoving until they call you and lose. If you lose then restart your game.

This sounds like a crude tactic but it’s one that can work in real poker. If you’re an amateur and keep going all in, even a pro poker player will be unsettled. Check out the video below for a compilation of the best all in moments in poker:

Top tip: For this approach to work you must play against only one opponent


Cheat the game – it’s what it would do to you

If playing fair or a little unfair doesn’t do it for you (it often doesn’t for me) then go into full cheat mode. It’s a strategy employed in virtually any game at some stage and it can help you beat poker in Red Dead Redemption.

If you’re going to cheat the game you need to do it properly. That means using the Liars and Cheats Pack. While it’s only effective in the single-player mode, it gives you a real advantage over your opponents. To get one up on your game rival, you must put on the Elegant Suit.

The Elegant Suit lets you cheat by storing an extra card. You use this when you deal – pressing the Y or triangle button to pocket your secret card. This creates a mini game where you have a clear advantage over your opponent – unless you get caught.

Top tip: If you do get caught you’ll be challenged to a duel, so make sure you’ve practised your duelling!


Check out the video underneath for some tips on how to cheat and duel in Red Dead Redemption:



Poker is a very popular game and playing it on Red Dead Redemption is hugely enjoyable. To get the most satisfaction out of your Red Dead Redemption poker play you have to win. Now you know how to do it fairly, unfairly, and by cheating. So have fun!