Earlier today, Rockstar Games revealed on their newswire that Red Dead Redemption II will be receiving its own companion app, similar to the iFruit app which launched alongside Grand Theft Auto V in 2013. The app is scheduled to launch coinciding with the game’s global release on Friday, October 26, for iOS and Android devices.

The companion app will allow players to view real-time interactive information on their smart device while playing the game. The app can be used to set waypoints, peruse the map, or mark points of interest to check out later. In addition to the full digital manual, and digital version of the Complete Official Guide from publisher Piggyback, the app will allow you to view Arthur’s journal and view Arthur Morgan’s real-time “core info and stats,” which could add to the immersion if playing  without the in-game HUD. Rockstar mentioned that even more will be included in the app, which is up to players to discover when the game launches.