Check out is what is on offer for everyone in Red Dead Online this week. With new clothing, emotes and more. Along with discounts on weapons.

Money & XP Bonuses

This week in Red Dead Online. Enjoy 30% more Red Dead $$$ and XP on all Free roam missions.

Weapon discounts & more

Enjoy the following discounts and bonuses

  • Free gun oil
  • 30% off select improved rifling
  • 30% off scopes
  • 30% off stocks with wood grain and wraps
  • 30% off Iron Sights
  • 25% off the Evans Repeater
  • 50% off red, white and blue bandanas
  • Free red and blue camp flags

New additions

Visit the Wheeler, Rawson, and co stores across Red Dead Online to collect the new limited supplied Pelt half Chaps. Along with the Griffith Chaps, the Cromwell Hat and the Cabrera pants. 

New emote

Check out the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co catalog to redeem your free respectful Bow emote.