We have discovered that Rockstar Games have made a deal with Akamai, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) services provider, for Red Dead Online.

We have discovered a deal between Rockstar Games and Akamai to provide CDN services to Rockstar – and this is fantastic news for Red Dead Online’s servers.

A CDN allows you to connect to the nearest server to you, and that server is called the Edge server. That then connects to the main server and obtains the content you want to download then provides them to you. The Edge server caches the obtained content. When another user requests the content, the CDN downloads it straight from the Edge server which becomes a mini-host that lifts the load on the main server. Basically, this form of data transfer helps decrease ping and increases a users download speed.

Akamai is the largest CDN services provider on the planet, with approximately 2200 edge servers across the globe. This new deal will help Rockstar Games lift all the heavy load off of their servers.

In other words, this will definitely help Rockstar provide smooth services when Red Dead Online’s beta launches this November. We aren’t sure if it will affect online play between players, though – but it will decrease bandwidth and ping times for users. All of it is based in HTTP so it will help download patches, background updates and mission loading become much faster.