As of today, Monday 18th June 2018. The NHS (National Health Service) will treat people who have become ‘addicted’ to video games after being declared a Mental Health problem. Having a Gaming addiction has been listed in the World Health Organisations international classification of Diseases for the first time ever meaning governments around the world are expected to add it into their countries health system.

Due to this, the NHS, which is the Health Service in the United Kingdom, will be treating people who have this condition.

For the NHS to diagnose a gaming disorder, the person’s behaviour must have changed over a 12 month period. Video games interfering with work, Education, social life or family time is another sign of a gaming disorder. It is believed that 3% of gamers will be affected by this disorder.

If someone has any of the signs above, the NHS is advising that they get help.

Image Credit: Lasky

Back in 2013 Journalists across the world were reporting that too many people had become addicted to Grand Theft Auto V. That died down as does everything the media reports but it recently became a hot topic after Fortnite became a global hit. Many of people on social media have said how stupid this is to have an addiction for gaming. With others saying its a waste of taxpayers money who fund the NHS. Let us know what you think on twitter or in the comments below