Grand Theft Auto

New GTA Online License Plate Creator announced, release date and more

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  1. Will says:

    Does it work on PS4 ?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes.. and PC too

  2. Danny says:

    will it be on the rocktar website or a different one all together

    1. It will likely be on Rockstar’s website

  3. Charlie says:

    I want the Savannah from San Andreas

  4. Tom says:

    What day is it coming back out

    1. Anonymous says:

      The 20th

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Bruce says:

    Your price increases especially the mk2 it rubbish price hikes wher are you suppose to get the extra money

  7. Wanker says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    What’s the new app

    1. There is no new app. It will be a webpage

      1. Moe says:

        Where if the web page

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